Labor Day weekend of 2013 plays host to an epic celebration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, commemorating the 110th anniversary of Harley-Davidson. An unbelievable roster of events, activities, and entertainment is lined up from August 29th through September 1st. Just to name a few, Toby Keith and Aerosmith will each rock the stage at the Marcus Amphitheater, and the H-D Museum will feature a custom bike show and previews of 2014 models. Additional activities will be hosted at dealerships and entertainment venues throughout the Milwaukee region.

Some enthusiasts may find it challenging to ride into Milwaukee from locations throughout North America, take in all the events and sights, and have enough time and energy to ride back home safely.

For this reason, Craters & Freighters of Milwaukee suggests that you want to consider the advantages of a one-way journey on your bike while attending the pending bash.


Many enthusiasts are opting to ride into Milwaukee for the 110th-anniversary celebration, and have Craters & Freighters of Milwaukee crate their motorcycle and arrange for shipment back home using expedited freight services. With this option, riders can spend more time celebrating and exploring Milwaukee’s many points of interest, and then jump on a plane for a fast and leisurely flight home.

Craters & Freighters of Milwaukee can also provide motorcycle crating and shipping services to Harley-Davidson enthusiasts living in Milwaukee and seeking to take part in the excitement and camaraderie of the ride into Milwaukee. They can conveniently ship their motorcycle to any destination. Owners can then catch a quick flight out, jump on their bike, and proudly ride into Milwaukee with other Harley-Davidson riding groups caravanning into Milwaukee for the 110th H-D celebration.”

Craters & Freighters of Milwaukee motorcycle shipping and crating service ensures your bike arrives undamaged and on time

Craters & Freighters of Milwaukee motorcycle shipping service provides many benefits.

Owners Dave and Pat Mansmith, and son Mike are Harley riders. They know the pleasure and value that Harley-Davidson motorcycles bring to their owners, so they crate each bike as if it was their own.

Bikes are totally encased in a wooden reinforced crate, offering protection in the remote chance of a rollover during transport. Internal cross bracing using a combination of wood and straps keeps the bike upright and stable with no chance of contacting any internal wall surfaces. Two-inch thick foam applied to all interior surfaces is also an option. Once crated, your bike is shipped via expedited freight services for timely delivery.

For one flat fee, your bike is crated, insured and arrives on time at the destination of your choice.

Craters & Freighters of Milwaukee really can make your total Harley-Davidson 110th celebration experience truly more enjoyable with less stress and strain on yourself and your ride.

Contact Craters & Freighters of Milwaukee to learn more about our crating services. Happy riding!