Craters & Freighters has over 2 decades of experience in custom packaging Madison and Milwaukee area gallery pieces. You can feel comfortable when shipping antiques and family heirlooms with us. Our services include everything from the pickup, the packaging, and crating of the piece, to the shipping and the insurance as well. There’s no limit to the places your fragile and valuable items can go. We offer U.S. and international shipping. Every crate is custom built, plus we offer numerous ways to package your items.

Heat shrink method
Double-wall Corrugated
Custom Foam
– And of course the rigid exterior crates that come with!

We have a number of satisfied customers who are loyal to us because they know we’re the best! Tina Goodwin is just one of those customers who knows first-hand the care and efficiency we put into our work. She’s the owner of Goodwin Fine Art and has shipped her high value pieces with us for over 16 years! Hear what she has to say about us in the video below!

In cities like Madison and Milwaukee that highly value the art industry, there is high demand for care-driven shipping companies. That is why we find ourselves making more and more clients and friends when offering our services. We understand the value those items hold with our customers, and promise that they are in good hands. We don’t just deliver packages, we deliver on our promises!