There has been an increased need in the past few years for industrial rigging and crating for large machinery in the U.S. This could be in part by how connected we are to the supply of these machines around the world. With online resources making it more and more accessible for people to find the machinery they need, it makes sense to protect that investment with the proper shipping procedures. That is something that we here at Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee are proud to offer every client we help! Whether it’s industrial rigging and/or industrial crating to get your machinery from one place to the next, we have you covered. Shipping medical machinery like MRIs, or shipping manufacturing machinery like CNC machines are commonplace amongst our staff, and they know the do’s and don’ts of all of it. Many clients find they have a need for rigging their large equipment.


Many times we find that the shipping of the crate with the machine is the easiest part of the job. The real test of our skills lies in the rigging of the machine to get it into the crate! Rooftop AC units and other industrial machines alike require a little extra TLC in the preparation for shipping and receiving. The effort involved in positioning the machine for industrial rigging can be cumbersome for a client, and we offer to take care of that ourselves putting their minds at ease. Once in place, the crating of the machine is performed.


Crating the equipment is second nature to us, but is still an extremely important part of the process. We wouldn’t want to go through the struggle of rigging a large delicate machine just to mess up the crating. That’s why we assess the best crate style and shipping method needed for your product. By doing this, we assure that your machine is delivered in the same condition it left in, and we don’t have to tell you how relieving it is not to have any “surprises” when the product is received. For a more detailed description of what we can do for you in the world of industrial rigging and/or crating, it’s always best to talk to a representative at our branch! Be sure to give us a call!