Service businesses by nature are judged by the level of service they provide. To remain competitive great service must be the norm. Here at Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee, delivering superior service is our number one focus. People rightfully have the expectation that purchased services must be done with excellence. Our goal with every customer is to provide exceptional service beginning at first contact and continuing through to delivery.

As a result of our commitment to superior service our customers often favorably comment on our services. We have one today that’s special because it comes from the highest level of Craters and Freighters corporate headquarters.

The story starts at Craters & Freighters Global Logistics of California. They are the sister company to Craters and Freighters, Inc., of which the Milwaukee operation is part of. Craters and Freighters – Global Logistics serves Fortune 1000 companies seeking single contact responsibility for critical shipments of high value, fragile technology assets utilized in the IT, medical, and aerospace industries.

As a result of obtaining a contract with a major supplier of global technology, Craters and Freighters Global Logistics has relied upon Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee to pick-up, crate and coordinate shipment of electronic IT equipment from various locations in Wisconsin. Destinations for these shipments were throughout North America as dictated by the customer.

This work has required Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee to respond to extremely short ship notices, changing deadlines and destinations. Because of the fragile quality of equipment, each shipment required custom-built crates with suspended, internal floating floors to cushion and protect the high-value, sensitive hardware from mechanical shock and vibration while in transit.

The Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee team duly responded to all requirements and fulfilled their orders on time without any problems along the way.

Brad Barenberg, President of Craters & Freighters Global Logistics, recently commented on our performance in a recent email to us. Brad Barenberg wrote “I wanted to thank you for the quick response and supplying us all the needed information. You are the type of vendor we love working with as we know the job will be completed on time, with no complaining and we do not have to chase details. It is appreciated.”

When contacted via phone, Brad Barenberg further elaborated on the overall performance of Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee. “The Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee team is very responsive, provides impeccable packing quality, and regular customer service updates throughout the project,” said Brad Barenberg. “They have been on our team for about 2 years and they have really caught on with our system standards. When given an order, they proactively respond…saying they will get it done. They never say no. They are very customer-centric.”

Mike Mansmith, our Operations Manager at Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee oversaw all aspects of the IT technology shipments. “The shipment requirements were specialized and closely aligned to our core services. Unlike commoditized general freight service, we are able to respond to very short notice shipping orders, and make adjustments to shipping schedules dictated by changing requirements of the end-user customer” said Mike. “Whatever is needed, including special crating and shipping requirements, our commitment is to deliver outstanding service to all our clients. If we can do it, we’ll get it done with a yes, and a thank you.”

No matter what your specialized packaging, crating and shipping need is, Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee can help you ship precious and fragile items to any destination. Our flexible custom packing, crating, insurance and shipping specialty services ensures your delicate shipments will safely arrive on time and more importantly, intact. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.