Four Tips for Shipping Valuables Safely


1. The Right Crates Make a Big Difference

Companies that offer custom crating services can ensure that even the most fragile or oddly shaped items can be shipped safely. The crates used by these professional shipping companies can deliver superior support for items of all sizes, allowing you to enjoy the greatest confidence when moving antique furniture, mirrors, display units and other fragile items that must be transported safely. In some cases, custom shipping crates can be reused to protect items that must be moved on a regular basis.

2. International Shipping Requires Special Attention

Shipping your items internationally requires a number of additional steps and strategies to ensure their safe arrival. Depending on the destination, you may be required to use special heat-treated custom crating solutions. Known as ISPM-15 crates, these protective shipping devices are designed to prevent pests from traveling inside wood to their intended destination. Customs forms and full documentation may also be required as a condition of shipping your items overseas.

3. Custom-Designed Crates Can Also Be Used for Storage

Tradeshow exhibits and stands are often used multiple times during the course of a year. By opting for custom crating for these items, you can ensure the greatest durability during these frequent moves and the most efficient storage solutions when your exhibits are not in use. Crates designed specifically to fit your stands and exhibits can provide added protection against dust and impacts during downtime and storage in your facilities.

4. Professional Padding Offers Greater Protection

The foam padding and wraps used by professional moving and shipping companies are designed to shield items from impacts without sticking or chemically reacting with furnishings, paintings and other valuable objects. Entrusting your shipping needs to a company with proven experience in this industry can help you manage all your crating and shipping needs in a cost-effective and practical way.

Companies like Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee can provide you with custom crating solutions that can protect your valuable shipments from their point of origin to their intended destination across the country or around the globe. By working with these shipping and crating experts, you can enjoy greater confidence and peace of mind for your residential or commercial shipments.

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