Industrial Crating Waukesha

Industrial Crating Waukesha

Industrial grade crating is a necessity for many businesses in south-east Wisconsin. Unfortunately, for many of them, finding a company capable and close enough in proximity can be a major struggle. This can also present the additional cost of proximity to the shipping company. This is one of the big benefits that Craters & Freighters brings to the table, especially in the Waukesha area. Even better, we offer on-site crating! This offers the benefit of our team coming straight to your location and taking world-class care of your products. With our branch conveniently located, this gives the benefit of a fast response time to handle time sensitive shipments.

While efficiency is important, it's just one of the factors we take into account with our Waukesha branch. We offer our industrial crating services for fragile and valuable industrial applications as well. Museum, Aerospace, and Medical crating are just a few of the examples in which we offer that gentle care. With these types of industries a foul-up on shipping can be extremely costly, and it isn't worth going to the wrong guys even once. In the following video, we show exactly why we're the right guys to go to!

Mrs. Claude gave us the opportunity to ship her model tractors from our Waukesha branch. We were excited when we got the call to partake in the sharing of the John Deere heritage! John Deere model tractors of all types were prepped by us for shipment to France where her son lives.

We took the utmost care for these pieces of history, by first dismantling the more delicate parts from the tractors and packaging them individually. We used a forklift with a padded ram to gently position the tractors in the containers. We blocked the wheels in place using 4x4 blocks of wood and a nail gun, and strapped them down with 2” thick straps that have a 10,000 pound capacity per strap. This offered enough redundancy to feel good about the safe arrival of the tractors via ship. Craters and Freighters considers this project another industrial crating success for our Waukesha branch!

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