Online Used Motorcycle Parts Businesses Offer Many Rewards

Selling used motorcycle parts online offer the flexibility of building a profitable part time or full time business endeavor. With a strong focus on customer service, availability of hard to find parts, and specialization, used motorcycle parts businesses can provide long term financial stability, personal satisfaction and opportunities to share the passion of motorcycle ownership with other like-minded individuals.
Milwaukee How to Ship Motorcycles

Supply and Demand Drives the Market

Because demand for used parts often exceeds supply, profit margins for used motorcycle parts can be substantial. Driven by the potential for great profits, more and more motor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are jumping into the online used motorcycle part business.

Entry into the Marketplace Is Easy

Entry into the used motorcycle parts market requires a relatively small financial commitment. Many start-ups begin by purchasing motorcycles in varying condition for parts inventory.  Bikes can be broken down into smaller sub-assemblies and components that can be sold at prices that can collectively exceed the price of the motorcycle.  It's the same principle that drives the auto junkyard business.  Finding motorcycles at bargain prices is the key to maximum profitability.

Finding Bargain Bikes for Parts Inventory

Bargain bikes can be found advertised in newspapers, garage sales, estate sales, public auctions and online using Craigslist and eBay. Often a motorcycle will be sold at a bargain price if its paint is faded, exhibiting rust or covered by grime as a result of being neglected or stored for an extended period of time.

Some bikes may be literally sold in baskets or boxes, having not been reassembled since the well-intended owner tore it apart years ago with the intent to rebuild it. Basket bikes are often heavily discounted as there is a risk of missing or mixed parts. Likewise, if the bike is mechanically defective, damaged in an accident, or not considered roadworthy you may be able to buy it at a bargain price too.

Prices Are High For Key Components

Cosmetic parts, which generally have higher demand, include gas tanks, exhaust systems, forks, plastic body parts, fenders, instrument clusters and headlamp assemblies. If these items are free of rust, dents, and scratches they can command premium prices.

Motors and transmissions can also command high prices if you substantiate their condition. Other parts sought after by bike enthusiasts include frames, carburetors, fuel pumps, ignition switches, complete wiring harnesses, and sprockets.

Online Marketing Considerations

Craigslist and eBay enable access to an almost unlimited number of potential buyers for your parts. The key to selling successfully on these websites it to provide detailed descriptions of the parts accompanied with clearly focused close-up photos of the parts.

It’s a good practice to conservatively rate the condition of your parts for sale. Exaggerating the part condition will likely cause you to receive negative seller feedback on eBay. Furthermore, if you continue to receive poor ratings eBay may bar you from further selling activities.

Opening bid or ask prices can be set by reviewing historical price records available on eBay and Craigslist.

Parts Packaging, Crating and Shipping Is Crucial to Customer Satisfaction

Care must be taken in preparing your parts for shipment. Lightweight fragile items should be protected with foam, cloth or paper, and secured within a durable shipping container. Heavy and bulky assemblies such as motors, transmissions, frames or even a complete motorcycle will require robust shipping crates featuring internal restraints and padding materials to ensure your parts are protected from impact and abrasion during shipment.

Often because of the weight, bulk and value of large motorcycle parts and assemblies, sellers and buyers often prefer to rely upon motorcycle crating and shipping specialists like Craters and Freighters Great Milwaukee to provide turn-key pick-up, crating and shipping services.We can help you safely ship motorcycle parts domestically and internationally. Our custom packing, crating, insurance and shipping specialty services ensures your motorcycle shipments will safely arrive on time and more importantly, intact. Contact us today to discuss your motorcycle parts shipping needs.

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