Senior Moving Services by Craters and Freighters Provides Stress Free Moving

The keepsakes, family mementos and furnishings accumulated during a lifetime spent with family and friends can be very precious to senior citizens. A favorite vase received as a wedding gift from Uncle Joe, large framed family portraits, your mother’s grandfather clock, and a motorcycle that your father courted your mother on, all have great sentimental value and are rightfully considered irreplaceable.  Likewise, antiques, china, works of art and other collectibles can also have great value as well. No matter what your valued possessions may be, Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee can provide the care and service required to safely deliver them to your new doorstep.
Craters & Freighters Milwaukee Senior Moving

Four service factors make Craters & Freighters the right choice for senior citizen moves:

Turnkey Start-to-Finish Service

Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee provides comprehensive senior moving services that include white-glove treatment, customized packaging, crating, shipment routing, and insurance protection for seniors seeking a problem free move.  Turnkey start-to-finish moving service reduces the physical and emotional stress on seniors preparing for a move, and can really make the overall relocation process a more satisfying experience.

Experience and Expertise

Our staff has years of experience packing, crating, and shipping seniors households having heirlooms, fragile antiques, works of art, and home care medical support equipment.   Using best practice packaging and crating strategies assure your valuables are protected from harm.  We employ a number of materials and crate construction techniques designed to provide protection from abrasive surfaces, mechanical impact, vibration, high humidity and extreme temperatures.  By packing items on-site and transferring them with care directly into our truck, we can assure our clients that their items will be handled properly and will arrive safely at your new residence. We also can coordinate moves in which some possessions may be diverted to one or more other locations.  Depending upon your relocation requirements, shipments can also be coordinated to arrive before, during, or after your arrival.


During every stage of the moving process from initial packing to safe delivery, we take full responsibility for the safety of your cherished and valuable personal items.   We’ll also coordinate your shipments using preferred shippers having proven records of on-time delivery and safe handling.  Continuous tracking and monitoring of your shipment enables daily reporting of the progress of your shipment. At any time we can provide you updates for your shipment including its current location and estimated arrival time.

Delivering Peace of Mind

By enlisting the turnkey senior moving services of Craters & Freighters Greater Milwaukee, senior citizens can manage their relocation efforts more effectively and enjoy increased peace of mind.  Let Craters and Freighters Greater Milwaukee do the heavy lifting so you can spend your time planning for new adventures after the move.

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